The power of words.

When I was a child, asking “do you promise” or saying “I promise” made you really consider and take seriously your words. It gave the person you were saying it to assurance that you would do as you said. But thinking back, it meant that a simple yes or no had less meaning when not followed by it.

Jesus tells us that:

For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. – Matthew 12:34

I wonder what the world would be like with complete honesty and complete trustworthiness, without embellishment and exaggeration. With kindness and love. I admit that I use exaggeration as a tool to get my point across (with disclosure afterwards of course!). But after reflecting on these words, perhaps it’s time to consider my words more carefully.

I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” – Matthew 12:36-37

I’m sure growing up that you heard or like me even sang “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Probably in an attempt to develop resiliency. Yet words have such power. I’m thinking in the context of bullying especially with the challenges our teens today face. When I was growing up, there was no internet and of course no social media. Our youth today face words far more often and on different platforms.

I’m resolving to take captive every thought and make it submit to God, consider my words before they leave my mouth, and to build up rather than tear down.

A while ago I heard this, when you speak, THINK,

T is it truthful

H is it helpful

I is it inspiring

N is it necessary

K is it kind

What has been your experience with the power of words?

8 thoughts on “The power of words.

  1. This post was so good and deep and really an eye opener to things like verbal\emotionally abuse. Hurtful words can feel like a physical stab in the stomach and cause a lot of pain. I have experienced that before. Sometimes physical hurt never happens but the power of words can be much deeper because all a person will do is repeat the words in their head. Be haunted by the words and think about them all the time.

    The THINK thing you did, I love it, everyone should really consider that before speaking.

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    1. I’m sorry that you’ve had that experience. I hope that you can find peace and be able to stop the repetition.

      I can’t remember where I saw it but it’s important to do! It sure will take a lot of practice.

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  2. This was a very deep insight on words and I’m so glad you shared this with us. Sometimes it’s even scary how much your words can impact someone else and hurt them unintentionally. Although most of us try very hard to say the right things at the right moment, we all make the mistake of saying things we’re not supposed to. This post really helped me reflect on that. Thank you!

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