There’s an app for that… should you use it? Menu planning edition.

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I’m forever searching for apps that help with meal planning, home organisation and cleaning schedules to increase my efficiency as a busy working mum. So I download them, just to uninstall them 6 months later because I did not use them!

Is this you too?

There are SO MANY, too many apps out there that focus on these topics. A lot of the time, learning to use, and using an app is more time consuming for me than doing it manually to begin with.

Here is a review of some of the apps that are out there for meal planning. I’ve used a couple of these with limited success.

Let’s compare the app with the old fashioned way:

I ended up going with the KISS method:

Which method is is simpler and more relevant to you?

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Disclaimer: this post is based on my personal opinion and experiences and may not be applicable to your individual circumstances.

15 thoughts on “There’s an app for that… should you use it? Menu planning edition.

  1. I do everything the old fashion way. One time I joked with my kids – “let me know when they make that will dig garlic when it is ready to be harvested. I might consider that.” LOL! Oh, I might also consider an app that would dust the house for me. Dusting is my least favorite chore. LOL! I am just old school. I still carry a flip phone and I don’t even text or take photos with it. My only internet connection is my laptop that stays on my desk at home.

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          1. My husband and I both have smartphones, and use technology frequently, but a few weeks ago we agreed on an internet free day. It was amazing. But it also showed us how reliant we are on these things, even though we proved that day that it’s not essential. We should do that again!

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  2. I have many unused apps too. Sigh…. But the one free grocery app I do use often is called “Family Basket”. You can create as many list as you want and put items inside (with photo and place for note as well). I have a general list call “supermarket” and “drugstore”. And I also have list for specific dish so that when I decide to make those dish, I can just use the list to check off items I already have at home or if I need to buy. You can create lists such as Monday dinner, Tuesday dinner, etc.

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