It’s a wrap! Meal planning summary.

Well, that’s all folks! How to meal plan… I thought it would be handy to have the whole series in one post to save you some time trying to find what you are looking for, so here it is!

5 big reasons to meal plan

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  • Save money,
  • save time,
  • reduce waste,
  • anyone can do the cooking and shopping,
  • predictability and variety of meals.

What’s not to love?!

There’s an app for that… should you use it? Menu planning edition.

  • Pro’s and con’s discussion on technology,
  • Some app’s to consider.
  • How I do it.




Meal planning – setting the foundation.

A look into some of the how’s of meal planning. A list of considerations before you start the formal planning process.

A little preparation goes a long way.





Ready to save some money? Let’s meal plan.

This post gets down into the nuts and bolts of how to efficiently meal plan. Before you start this one, ensure you’ve read the one above. This one has a free downloadable weekly plan with breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you only want the printable, here it is Weekly menu planner


Easy, tasty, cheap meals. One week sampler.

If you’re having a little trouble coming up with meals for your planner, check these out. Most of them use a thermomix, but it’s not essential.

If you’re wondering what a thermomix is, there’s a link in the post to the functions of this amazing appliance. This is not an affiliate link, I truly enjoy my thermomix.

Most of the recipes have my own little tweaks, and are one pot (or bowl rather) meals. Do try the naan, so good!


The Ultimate Meal Planner Binder – that you can make at home.

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I have a very basic, very functional grey folder with plastic sheets in it. It contains a 4 weekly meal plan, my pre-printed shopping lists and the recipes.

Everything. In. One. Place

And here are some extras that are helpful too:

Meal planning FAQ

Shopping your meal plan.

Pantry and Freezer Organisation.

And finally, what works for our family, this is my most viewed post:

Meal planning for busy people.

I hope that’s been helpful!

What tips do you have? I’d love to hear from you, comments are open.

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Disclaimer: this post is based on my personal opinion and experiences and may not be applicable to your individual circumstances.

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7 thoughts on “It’s a wrap! Meal planning summary.

  1. I have used your freezer inventory list and I was so surprised that the whole page was filled up as I went through my stuff. I thought my freezer was not that big. Then obviously there are things I should throw away, to make space. Thank you again.

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    1. I’m so pleased it was helpful! My freezer is also not very big, it’s at the bottom of my fridge and like I mentioned in the post, was always full! Now at least I know what’s in there 😊 thank you for your feedback πŸ’œ

      Liked by 1 person

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