Creating Margin through Efficiency.

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Societal demands placed on mum’s (and dad’s), as well as the pressure we place on ourselves are increasingly crippling families. Demands on what needs to be done in the home – think raising amazing children, cooking, cleaning, washing, having a pristine house. And also demands on what is seen to be necessary to be done outside the home – more and more working outside the home to contribute to the financial aspects of living. AND THEN there’s also the spiritual element – we need to be involved in church, in the community, and in being role models for everyone we come into contact with. I’m exhausted just writing this, never mind living it!!

Then I remember this song below.

A little while ago, in my bible study we were discussing how we are always so busy. We all lead very different lives, yet the busyness is a constant. It was suggested that if we could become more efficient at what we do, then we would have more time to spend on the important things. I believe that this could be true. Since January, when I recognized a need in our family to streamline our meal planning process (you can check out the summary here) we have suddenly so much more time that is not consumed by wondering, “What will we eat this week?”. Which is where this series on cleaning, clutter and home organisation was born. I want to create margin in our home so that we are not consumed with spending time doing the often mundane tasks that are required to be done. At the same time, it needs to be flexible too. Some days are baked beans on toast days in our house, where nothing goes to plan, and we cope – I’m sure you have these days too!

So, to start, here is a free printable for you on daily tasks that can keep you feeling good about how you’re doing. Don’t misunderstand me – I can’t tick each box each day of my life, I don’t know anyone who can! But on the days that you do – great, go you! On the days that you don’t – give yourself grace. If you think this could help you out, then please download, print, laminate, and go ahead – here’s the link for you: Daily clean checklist


Next time, I’ll write about why these 10 things every day, and then coming up, I’ll be posting about how to create that margin, providing some lists that help our family. Including getting the kids involved! I’ll provide some insight into our clutter free, and minimalism journey, and the changes that we’ve seen since starting.

So I’m interested in your thoughts – what challenges (other than time!) do you face in this area of your life? Drop me a comment below…

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