Hand wash vs dishwash(er).

Yesterday I washed all my dishes by hand. Then I did it again today.

I have a perfectly functioning dishwasher, so why?


I recently read a book by Joshua Becker titled “the more of less”. In this book he has a section on why he stopped using his dishwasher. It’s an interesting read, you can read it here. At first my thoughts were, “You have got to be kidding me! Why would anyone not use their dishwasher if they had one?” A few couple months earlier in fact, I’d shared with a good friend my top time-saving tip of running my dishwasher many times as day full rather than hand washing one single dish. But now, things have changed, and this is what I’ve learned in 2 days:

I became more thankful.

Each cup, plate, bowl (you get the picture) that I washed, I thought about how blessed we are. And that stopped me thinking about all the negatives of the day. It reminded me that there’s so much good in the little, little things.

Everything was clean.

I needed something later that I’d washed. Usually this would lead to a great hunt through the kitchen only to discover it sitting dirty in the dishwasher, waiting for it to be full, so it could be turned on. Not this time!

I finished what I started, right away.

Once I finished all my baking (2 lots of mini pizzas, 1 batch of Vegemite and cheese scrolls, and 1 batch of pizza sauce and cheese scrolls) and making dinner (Lentil Vegie rotolo bake – with a few variations), I washed all the dishes, while someone else dried and put away. Then it was done. Done! My brain thanked me by mentally crossing off that item from my subconscious list. I felt lighter.

Will I keep hand washing? I think I will in the short-term. I’m enjoying the simplicity of the basic act of washing dishes, and spending that time with my family. I’m agreeing with everything in Joshua’s article, surprisingly! I only cook 3 days a week, so most days the dishes are fairly straight forward too. Yes, definitely in the short term I will.

What do you think?

Featured image by Pexels.

14 thoughts on “Hand wash vs dishwash(er).

  1. I always hand wash dishes right after they are used. When the kids were living at home they (once they were old enough) were responsible for washing their own breakfast and lunch dishes and after dinner ( our big shared meal) nobody was allowed to leave the kitchen until it was clean. Everyone worked together washing/ drying/ putting away/ cleaning counters/ stove/ table and sweeping the floor. It really was a bonding time for my daughters as they would put on music (usually Disney) and dance and sing while they cleaned. When everyone works together it doesn’t take too long and it was a valuable lesson for my girls.

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  2. I wash dishes by hand, because it gives me a sense of accomplishment and I think saves water and electricity. Doing the dishes is one of the few tasks I truly enjoy, and it is quiet time for me, when I am not worrying about anything but getting my dishes clean and put away. I have a dishwasher, but I did not grow up with one. Someone asked me once where my dishwasher was, and I told them that I had five of them, my children.

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    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love it!! A couple months ago if I had the choice between cleaning the toilet and washing dishes, well I don’t think dishes would have won! The book gave me a new perspective and part of the reason for starting this blog was to live simply, by wach page rather than rushing through life. This may be a new step taken for the better 😊

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  3. Loved the post and all of the comments. It’s important to be thankful on all things…even just the simple tasks of washing the dishes. I recently moved back to my home town (for a season…or two…) to help my mom. She has lived in this house over 30 years w/o a dishwasher. I somehow had forgotten about that. I’ve had a dishwasher my whole adult life I think…it was kind of an adjustment when I first arrived. I’ve gotten used to it now but I must say, I love this new perspective!

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