Ten daily tasks to make your life easier. MUCH easier!

I just want to start this post by saying that my house most often looks, well, let’s just call it “lived in”. Yes. That term is a polite way to put it. Lived in. I like that.

Now, to get it to look slightly less “lived in” aka neat and tidy… I have a list of 10 activities that sure help a lot!

I have a free printable in this post for you (looks like the picture at the bottom of this post) that I’ve shared previously but is worth taking another look at.

Why I do these things I mentioned in my last post:


Making my bed instantly organises my mind and gets me thinking about the day ahead. It’s a great way to kickstart your day.


Clearing my bathroom counter means that all clothes, toothpaste, hair brushes, hair irons etc are put away. It gives my room an instant lift and it appears more spacious.

The other thing I HIGHLY recommend is to squeegee the shower after use. Mould and other gross stuff grows in damp conditions. I’ve found that using a squeegee helps slow the process. And then a weekly Enjo clean does the job.


Ok. So I don’t use a dishwasher at the moment anymore since I’ve challenged myself nearly 2 weeks ago to handwash everything (you can read why here). But the reason for emptying and re-stacking the dishes, or handwashing and putting away remains – so that the kitchen counter is clear and ready for its next use. This saves me a lot of time for when I need to do things fast or spur of the moment.

At the end of the day, the rubbish gets emptied. It’s so good to have a new fresh start every morning!


My high traffic areas are my kitchen, lounge and dining area. There is ALWAYS something on the floor in this area. Keeping this clean helps in those times when in the middle of a conversation I’d like to continue I invite someone over… I don’t have to worry whether my house is presentable because the basics are done.


I don’t know how often you do the laundry… my feeling is that it’s never-ending. And only complete once it’s folded/hung up and put away. This is difficult to achieve in winter! Getting everyone involved in this task is a way to a winner. Start small. Kids love to help and it’s a great way to teach responsibility.

A little every day has freed up my weekends!

15 minute tidy

Pack away those cars sitting on the floor mat at the front door. On your way grab the princess shoes and then give them to the kids to put away. Pop the bills on your fridge to pay at the end of the week. Grab that stray re-usable bag and put it in the car. These actions I’ve mentioned above take about 15 second each. But together make a huge difference.

Doing this stuff has meant that on Monday when school went back, I got to say yes when I was invited out for a play date.

What are you missing out on because you have to….. (fill in the gaps)? Try it for a week. I’d love to know what you think, let me know in the comments πŸ˜‰

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15 thoughts on “Ten daily tasks to make your life easier. MUCH easier!

  1. Aaaaah – I am 100% with you! The best way to live…clean and tidy as you go rather than getting overwhelmed. And here in the south of England it is essential to squeegee and wipe down the shower because of all of limescale in the water. I have been to other people’s homes and they have white chalky limescale all over their showers, sinks…

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