Quick Reference Guide

Often when I need to fill in a form, I have to go to 26 different places to retrieve the information that I need.  This drives me crazy!  Does it drive you crazy?  I have developed a way to make things easier in this regard.  I created a list that has all the information that I am often asked for in forms.  Things like my passport number, or drivers license details, or my medicare number.  These documents don’t all live together in my house.  Some of the information is found in my purse, whilst others – well, I’m not even sure where to begin to find it!

Free Printable to help you organize your information.

So, to help others out with this, here is a free printable Quick Reference Guide (of what you can see above) – there are two pages.  I’ve used them to fill out my telephone account number, my library card details, and even my superannuation company information.

How to use this printable:

Service:  This is the actual thing that you use – electricity, telephone, water, gas, Insurance etc.

Company: Who is the service provider?

Belongs to: I’ve popped this in because this list is for all of my immediate family members – some of the utilities may be in my name, but others may be in my husband’s name.  It’s handy to know whose name the account is in because often the service provider will only speak to that person about their account.  Or if you have added in your driver’s license details – this will help you know whose is whose.

Account #: To help you out when you need to call the service provider about something, or need to fill in a form.

Phone #: In case of emergency, it’s handy to not have to look up the number – if it’s right there then it cuts out the time spent looking it up.

This list has everything on it that I need.

Do you have one like this?  What categories have you used?

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to ready along, please leave me a comment and subscribe to my emailing list. 

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