When things don’t go according to plan, which inevitably they won’t, what is your reaction?

We’ve had knee surgery, coughs and colds, starting new jobs, and just general stress!

My week has had it’s share of not so nice days. The first of these days I spent time scrolling through gumtree ads dreaming of the perfect caravan and the perfect places we’ll visit with awesome friends. Chasing the weather, homeschooling, enjoying beaches and company. Running away. With fewer responsibilities and cares. RIGHT NOW. One can dream right?

After my gumtree episode (which has become a recurring thing – but to be clear we are planning a trip one day…), I wanted to try something different. You see, we can’t control what happens in our lives really. But what we can control, is our reaction to these events. I’m not trying to trivialize what you’re going through, I have absolutely no idea! Although control is difficult, to seemingly impossible at times! I know, because I’m human too. I lose my temper (far too often – and for which I am truly sorry), but other times I can show patience and grace far beyond my means, which can only come from God.

Back to how I’ve been trying something different.

And this is how:

Sounds simple. 3 things. Simple right? Wrong! So difficult when we are focusing on us and not on Him. Once your perspective shifts from yourself to God, and I mean REALLY shifts, there is peace. Suddenly, I found the ability to stop thinking about myself, when my eyes are fixed on God.

It all actually started with a song called (you’ll never guess! Oh ok, I’ll tell you…) Joy. And I just surrendered. I can’t really explain it but I just gave it all up. Imagine for a moment if you could… a 30 something lady with crazy frizz hair pulled up into a ponytail for some semblance of control, dressed a bit like an eskimo to keep warm, clutching an umbrella with one arm. The other arm is free to praise, with earphones in, dance walking on my way to work to the song below. Seriously though, don’t laugh too hard!

If you want to read about joy you can do that here.

At the end of the video they say (and I’m paraphrasing) that nothing has changed, but their perspective on it has. That’s what faith does I think. It gives you a new perspective.

If you need to be cheered up a little today, just picture me making a fool out of myself!

Do you have a new perspective? I’d love to know how it came about!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. As always, this is based on my personal experience and opinion.

Featured image by Pexels.

8 thoughts on “Joy

  1. I needed this reminder tonight. Thank you so much for your post ❤️ it’s so true.. perspective is everything! And there is so much more peace when we can just surrender and trust God

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