S.O.A.P.S. Bible Study Method

Fantastic way to study! Thanks Growing Godly Generations for this one…

Growing Godly Generations

S.O.A.P.S. Bible Study Method

Reading the Bible can be challenging. The Bible books sometimes have funny names. Holding the most sacred book of all history can be intimidating. While the Bible is profound enough for scholarly commentary and academics to debate, it is also simple enough for a child to read and understand the love of Jesus.

A simple method for reading and studying the Bible is called the S.O.A.P.S. method. This acronym can help you in your faith journey for growing closer to God through Scripture.

S: Scripture.bible_8

Read the Bible passage. Typically, this is a few verses or paragraph, sometimes a full chapter. Sometimes you may read the passage multiple times for it to sink in meaningfully. You may consider writing in a journal or underlining a key verse that stands out to you.

If you are skeptic or just starting out in faith, start with one…

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