What I learned being Facebook free.

On February 28, 2018, I logged out of Facebook. I did this for these reasons: I wanted to spend more time with my family. It's such a time waster! Things that happen on there can be emotionally exhausting. My attention span and patience was decreasing by the minute. I needed to attend to my mental … Continue reading What I learned being Facebook free.


Easter is a time for reflection. And a time of hope. Easter nowadays is consumed with winning the wallets of people, the passion of children, and deteriorating health according to the volume of chocolate on display all around. I loathe the way society has twisted this to benefit big business. But this is not the … Continue reading Easter.


It's getting colder here, the chill sinking deep into my senses, stiring up longing for warmer weather. More difficult to be motivated to move, already layering up the beginning of Autumn. Shuddering at the thought of winter. A wish to be somewhere else. Where the sun is shining, the palms are waving and the waves … Continue reading Autumn

Your path.

Another day, another beautiful day. I had to take a photo of this majestic view. It looks like God himself has so delicately painted on the clouds in the sky. Today's pondering comes in the form of a question, "what is God's Will for my life?" Do you ever wonder this? What is your purpose … Continue reading Your path.

Unconditional love.

How do you love? Do you love people only when they are good? When they do what they are meant to do? When your children listen and obey? I confess that I don't love unconditionally, but I want to. For us! While we were sinners! Not while we were helping out someone by saving their … Continue reading Unconditional love.