Five big reasons to meal plan.

"The average family spends $156.54 a week, or $13,900 a year on groceries and takeaway." This is according to a recap on a show called "Eat well, for less?" 1. The cost. What do you spend a week on groceries and takeaway? Statistically, Australia is one of the more expensive countries for food shopping. In … Continue reading Five big reasons to meal plan.

3 Day Quote Challenge Day 1

Being different is scary. Having faith is scary. Stepping out into the unknown is, you guessed it, scary. But like my quote today, regret is even worse. Today I'm meditating on this passage from Matthew. Can you imagine what would have happened had Peter not made a life change and chose instead not to follow … Continue reading 3 Day Quote Challenge Day 1


This morning replicated other mornings, rushed - go go go! When I dropped my children off at my mum's, my littlest little person was heartbroken. He cried and pleaded for his mummy. And my heart ached. I wanted to say yes, let's go home, mummy doesn't have to go. Instead I gave him another cuddle … Continue reading Breathe.


There are not many people I know who like to talk about money. It's a topic that makes them feel uncomfortable. Unless it's about a bargain, or how much has been saved. A bit of a personal topic, but an important one. This Proverb rings so true. We have a mortgage that needs to be … Continue reading Debt