3 Day Quote Challenge Day 2

I've been nominated by Prayerson Christian, Faith and Books, and Muted Mouthful for the “3 Day Quote Challenge.” The rules for this challenge are; ♥ Thank the person who nominated you. Thanks, Prayerson Christian, Faith and Books, and Muted Mouthful! I've enjoyed reading all the quotes and the reasons behind your selection. 🗯 Post a … Continue reading 3 Day Quote Challenge Day 2


The power of words.

When I was a child, asking "do you promise" or saying "I promise" made you really consider and take seriously your words. It gave the person you were saying it to assurance that you would do as you said. But thinking back, it meant that a simple yes or no had less meaning when not … Continue reading The power of words.

Menu planning for busy people

I've had a request from rawbitsoflife (and I'm very excited) to share more about my menu planning that I talked about in my post entitled "Time". So here it is! I've not always been organised, it has taken years to get here! This post is to encourage and hopefully help all mums everywhere. It may … Continue reading Menu planning for busy people

Your path.

Another day, another beautiful day. I had to take a photo of this majestic view. It looks like God himself has so delicately painted on the clouds in the sky. Today's pondering comes in the form of a question, "what is God's Will for my life?" Do you ever wonder this? What is your purpose … Continue reading Your path.

Unconditional love.

How do you love? Do you love people only when they are good? When they do what they are meant to do? When your children listen and obey? I confess that I don't love unconditionally, but I want to. For us! While we were sinners! Not while we were helping out someone by saving their … Continue reading Unconditional love.


Today's view as I think on all the blessings I have in my life. At the top of my list is my family. My husband, and my two little people - ahhh they keep me going! "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom … Continue reading Gifts