3 Day Quote Challenge Day 1

I've been nominated by Prayerson Christian, Faith and Books, and Muted Mouthful for the “3 Day Quote Challenge.” The rules for this challenge are; ♥ Thank the person who nominated you. Thanks, Prayerson Christian, Faith and Books, and Muted Mouthful! I've enjoyed reading all the quotes and the reasons behind your selection. 🗯 Post a … Continue reading 3 Day Quote Challenge Day 1


The power of words.

When I was a child, asking "do you promise" or saying "I promise" made you really consider and take seriously your words. It gave the person you were saying it to assurance that you would do as you said. But thinking back, it meant that a simple yes or no had less meaning when not … Continue reading The power of words.


Have you ever been in a situation where you needed someone to just say, "How are you doing?" "Are you ok?" Today was a day like that. My littlest little person has discovered that he would like to have his own way. ALWAYS. This is not a cheerful experience when you're at church. So I … Continue reading Compassion.

The golden rule.

Yesterday my biggest little person became frustrated and hit my littlest little person. Then denied it. So many teaching opportunities! I was both surprised and pleased that: a) I didn't yell b) I actually remained calm, and c) a bible verse came to mind! The verse from Luke popped into my head first and it's … Continue reading The golden rule.


I was thinking this morning about how I've had a lot of good days lately. Today was not one of those. Today the devil reached out, grabbed a fist full of my heart and good sense and twisted it this way and that, eliciting a response akin to a toddler tantruming about receiving a blue … Continue reading Ashamed


The sermon at church this morning covered this part of Mark. Our pastor spoke about how serious leprosy was in those days, how anything touched by a leper became unclean. How lepers were completely ostracized from society. And how it was believed that sin caused leprosy. How lonely it must have been for anyone affected! … Continue reading Faith