Emily’s Voice

https://youtu.be/zRjhsMXTvKw I recently attended a fundraiser for Emily's Voice and linked to it, Not Born Yet to raise money to make and show advertisements to the wider community here in Australia. The purpose here is to help people who fall pregnant unexpectedly or having a crisis pregnancy who are considering abortion to know that they … Continue reading Emily’s Voice


3 Day Quote Challenge Day 2

I've been nominated by Prayerson Christian, Faith and Books, and Muted Mouthful for the “3 Day Quote Challenge.” The rules for this challenge are; ♥ Thank the person who nominated you. Thanks, Prayerson Christian, Faith and Books, and Muted Mouthful! I've enjoyed reading all the quotes and the reasons behind your selection. 🗯 Post a … Continue reading 3 Day Quote Challenge Day 2

Grace wins.

A story of how I came back to God. My husband and I met at the pub in 2004. I'd always been a "Christian" but at that stage in my life I was rebelling. Rebelling against my parents and attempting to conform into something "cooler" than myself. This rebellion actually started years earlier. Around the … Continue reading Grace wins.

Blogging awards

I'm completely overwhelmed by the support I've received recently in writing my blog. I've received 3 new nominations in March and would love for other bloggers to check out the bloggers who have nominated me. I've decided to try something new here, so I've combined it in one post. The nominations are: Sunshine Blogger Award … Continue reading Blogging awards

Christ is risen from the dead…

This is the passage I read today. Jesus who took the weight of the world's sin on his shoulders, wept, and sweated drops of blood. Asking for the cup to pass, but receiving no such grace. Grace that now is extended to those who believe and confess. All for us. Then as was predicted years … Continue reading Christ is risen from the dead…


Easter is a time for reflection. And a time of hope. Easter nowadays is consumed with winning the wallets of people, the passion of children, and deteriorating health according to the volume of chocolate on display all around. I loathe the way society has twisted this to benefit big business. But this is not the … Continue reading Easter.

Mystery Blogger Award

Thanks for the nomination #Roadofsteel, what a lovely surprise! I'm in two minds about these awards. First, I'm never sure how to respond to praise, even online! But (second) there are so many interesting blogs (that I've linked) that could benefit others reading... so here goes! My week wasn't all sunshine and roses, but I … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award